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Triple Butter Soap


Our Triple Butter Soap is a creamy and moisturizing bar that contains Cocoa, Mango and Shea Butters along with organic botanicals and clays, added for their additional skin loving properties. Each bar is approximately 4.7 oz.

Citrus Sandalwood~   Uplifting Citrus blend of Lemon Verbena and Blood Orange combined with soothing Sandalwood. Infused with Coconut Oil, Beet Root, and Rhassoul Clay

Lemongrass Chamomile~ Invigorating fresh scent of Lemongrass blended with warm Vanilla, and creamy Coconut. Infused with Chamomile 

Honey Butter~ Rich and warm honey blended with sweet buttercream and warm Vanilla. Infused with Kaolin Clay and Coconut Oil

Charcoal & Neem~  Soul captivating blend of fresh garden Sage, soft Lavender, and nuances of Patchouli. Infused with activated charcoal

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