Humble Tree Naturals

Handmade Natural Whole Body Care

Our Humble Beginning

We're loving every minute of our journey

I had dreams of starting Humble Tree Naturals years before I took the leap. I wanted to make natural skin and hair products for myself and my family. Both of my children had issues with extremely dry skin and eczema. We tried many products, some containing harsh chemicals. We also used prescribed steroid creams that didn't work long-term and were expensive.  I began researching and experimenting with various natural butters, oils, and herbs until finding the perfect recipes for our needs that we loved and shared with our family and friends.

We Are Family

After months of dealing with challenges of recurring health issues and an on-going battle with my employer I was forced to take a medical leave of absence which resulted in wrongful termination. It became very difficult to support my family financially. I used that setback as inspiration to dive into Humble Tree Naturals which has since evolved into a family business that includes my 10 year old daughter.

Why Humble Tree Naturals?

We take extreme pride in creating our natural bath, body, and hair products and we love what we do. We are committed to crafting high-quality, effective formulations made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are beneficial for everyone who uses our creations. We've even started growing some of the botanicals and herbs used in our products. Our intention is to inspire love and peace in your daily acts of self-care with each nourishing creation.